Luminous Clear Glue for Color Lashes

Luminous Clear Glue for Color Lashes

Luminous is our new Clear Adhesive. Quicker drying and low in fumes, it is perfect for Advanced Lash Artist who wants a quick and clean work.

Luminous Lash Adhesive comes in 5ml bottles, clear colour. It works best in 20-22°C, humidity between 40-60% and dries in 0.5 to 1 second. Perfect for coloured lashes and clients, who sensitive to black pigment. 

Our adhesives are compliant with EU regulations. Comes in our Adhesive Seal Pouch with silica bag.

Luminous Lash Adhesive is not recommended for clients with sensitivity to cyanoacrylate. 


    Once opened, store in a cool dry room. Keep glue bottle tightly closed in upright position in original packaging including silica bag. Shelf life is 12 - 13 weeks from bottle opening- manufacturer recommendations, however we recommend to dispose adhesive after 4 weeks since opening, if you are styling 4-6 clients per day


    Remove glue cap and place a lint free tissue to cover the nozzle. If you shake adhesive with the cap on, it will cause a build-up of adhesive residue around it, which will prevent bottle from closing tightly; air and humidity may get in the bottle and dry the adhesive.

    Just before treatment, shake the bottle for at least 60 seconds. During treatment, replace by a new drop every 20 to 30 minutes depending on your humidity. Shake the bottle for 20 seconds before each drop in order to mix the pigment in the glue and maintain right consistency.