Flawless ACCELATOR 30ml

Flawless ACCELATOR 30ml

Glue Accelerator speeds up the curing time of your adhesive without causing shock polymerisation. Suitable for classic and volume lashes



If the humidity of your room drops, you can use Glue Accelerator as a complement to your usual glue to re balance the setting time.

*We do not recommend to use Glue Accelerator in high humidity or if you already use very fast curing adhesive as it


    • Dispense a tiny amount of accelerator on a glue sticker or other clean surface.
    • Dip sponge applicator into solution.
    • Brush sponge applicator along the bases of extensions on the strip.
    • Wait a minute or two.
    • Your lash extensions are ready for use.

    It is safe to reapply accelerator few times. If you noticed that your adhesive bonding time starts slow down, reapply again.

  • Caution:


    • Do not swallow. Inhalation might cause headache and nausea.
    • Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin.
    • If direct contact occurs, flush contacted area immediately for 10 min and see the nearest doctor if necessary.
    • Keep container tightly closed when it's not in use. Store in cool place. 
    • Keep away from fire.
    • Professional use only for eyelash extensions.