0.07 | L+ Curl | Volume Silk Lashes | Mixed Tray

0.07 | L+ Curl | Volume Silk Lashes | Mixed Tray

Flawless Lashes by Loreta L+ Volume Silk Mixed Lengths Lashes are individual lashes in mixed lengths trays. L+ lashes are straight at the base then turn into a C curl at the tip. 



Soft, light and silky 0.07 thickness L+ lashes are perfect for clients with straight natural lashes or eyelashes that have tendency to grow down. It will give an eyelid lift effect on clients with heavy droopy lids making their eyes look more open. We recommend the use L+ eyelash extensions for oriental eyes.

Thanks to the L shape, the base of eyelash extension is straighter therefore, L+ extension bonds better to the natural lash and gives better retention.

These trays are combining 6 lengths, saving you from having to get 6 individual trays. 

  • they are

    • Mat velvet finish for a natural look
    • Light weight
    • Deep rich BLACK colour
    • PBT fiber
    • Available in 0.07 weight/thickness
    • Tray contains 16 lines: lengths 6 to 12mm.