0.07 | B - Curl | Volume Silk Lashes Mixed Tray

0.07 | B - Curl | Volume Silk Lashes Mixed Tray

Flawless Lashes by Loreta 0.06 Volume Mixed Lengths Lash Extensions are mixed lengths trays available in B curls. These trays are combining 7 lengths, saving you from having to get 7 individual trays.

They are pre-aligned in strips which makes them easy to peel during eyelash extension treatment.

Their size and weight are very close to the natural lash which makes them ideal for creating a natural, every day look with a glamorous effect.

  • they are

    • Mat velvet finish for a natural look
    • Light weight
    • Deep rich BLACK colour
    • PBT fiber
    • Available in B, C, D & D+ Curl
    • Weight/Thickness 0.06
    • Tray contains 16 lines: lengths 6 to 12mm